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Application & Portfolios

Manage application in application portfolios. Application owners, approvers, contacts, groups. Application releases

Technologies & Business Functions

Application technologies, architecture, interfaces, business function, components

Application Risk, Compliance, Readiness

Application deficiencies, risks, compliance issues and remediation

Asset Information

Business function mapping, application components.

Asset Risk, Compliance, Readiness

Asset deficiencies, risks, compliance issues and remediation

Technology Library

Technology standards, software catalog.

Incident Management

Manage Incidents by Identify, analyze, and correct IT incidents and their re-occurance

Problem Management

Manage Problems by Identify, analyze, and correct IT Problems and their re-occurance using controls,requirments or change requests

Change Requests

Manage Change Request to your current environments as result of incident/problems, new enhancements or other events

Knowledge Management

Manage the process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organisational knowledge

Support Documentation

Manage everything from SLAs, support documentation, user guides, contingency plans, disaster recovery plans

Standards, Policies and Procedures

Manage Standard, policies and procedures, guildlines, controls